We provide a comprehensive range of essential building management services that ensure your apartment managers have the best resource network at their fingertips.

  • 24/7 Property Assistance Centre – Help Desk 1300 159 357

A single 1300 number for you, your committee, or building residents to call for any common property related fault or issue. 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Equally important to the investment in an apartment or building, is cost-effective maintenance, so that residents can continue to enjoy their amenities at reasonable rates.

  • Cleaning, Caretaking and Concierge Services

A comprehensive package that meets basic needs with full array of spacial cleaning of floors, windows, general and detailed housekeeping – discreet, clean and well groomed.  We can provide caretakers who see to the basic operational and maintenance factors, ensuring that everyday functions proceed effciently and at their best.

  • Garden mowing, landscaping and irrigation

Keeping common areas such as gardens, play areas, paths, pool sides and more looking great all year round.

  • Building & Construction Defects Assessments

From minor to major defects, we have access to experts who assess what type of solutions are needed.

  • Project Management of Maintenance Plan Works

Older and newer buildings require different kinds of maintenance. These can be planned for your building’s exact needs, so that maintenance is timely and beneficial.

  • Building management service staff

If you are an Owner Corporation Manager, Commercial Real Estate Agent or building owner and require an apartment or building manager or caretaker, we can assist in the recruitment process.

  • Concierge

We can provide professional front desk personnel who are courteous and efficient.

  • Project Supervision or Management

We provide Project Supervision for those minor work and building jobs you don’t need a commercial project manager for.


  • Caretaking, Cleaning and Handymen (ask for a quote now [email protected])
  • Painting, Façade Remediation & Glazing
  • Low, Med, High Rise Window Cleaning (ask for a quote now [email protected])
  • Structures, Foundations & Balustrades
  • Essential Safety Measures
  • Grounds and Gardens Maintenance
  • Life Cycle Planning/Estimation
  • Concrete, Waterproofing and Fencing
  • Mech/Elec/Fire Services