About us

Established in 2005, Building Managers Australia is a one-stop professional building management service for building and apartment managers in Melbourne’s CBD, metropolitan suburbs, and around Victoria.


As a division of Complex Property Group, Building Managers Australia comprises a team of building engineer experts and experienced staff with expertise in running and operating apartments and buildings – everything from managing construction defects  to dealing with vendors for maintenance.


Our clientele consist mainly of Owners Corporation Managers, Commercial Real Estate Agents and building owners. We also extend our building management services to government bodies, investment banks, corporate business managers and hospitals.  So whether you manage a residential apartment block in the suburbs or a high-rise office tower in the CBD, we can manage, operate and maintain your apartment or facility with ease.


We provide building management services and qualified staff that apartment building managers require to tend to needs of tenants. Whether these are everyday needs or more of a periodic review, Building Managers Australia ensures apartment and building managers have the tools to resolve issues promptly and efficiently, giving tenants peace of mind and the ability to enjoy the quality living and convenient lifestyle expected in Melbourne.


To deliver building management services expertise for Melbourne’s apartment and building managers. With quality of service that exceeds expectations.


We have established ourselves as an essential building management service and will continue to be indispensable to our clients.




Diversity of building management services